Project: 2021

This project was created to commemorate the new year, and as a product visualization scene. 


Illuminated by five lamps, the flute as well as the bottle recieve crisp specular highlights, while the interaction of light with the bubbles in the champagne provide visual texture.


Although the bottle mimics an established brand, all work is original; the label and seal were created in Adobe Illustrator, while the leaves in the foreground were created as part of my Project: Plants exercise.

LuxCoreRender 2.5 Beta 1, Blender 2.91.2

This scene makes extensive use of normal mapping; these are textures which modify the surface normals of an object and how it interacts with light in order to give the appearance of detail without creating extra geometry. At right is the diffuse (color) texture definition for the wax seal on the bottle above, and beside that is the bluish normal map which defines the bumps on the surface.


Below at right is a screenshot of the viewport. The top half shows what the scene looks like without lighting and materials, prior to rendering. The bottom center presents the final rendered image, before tonemapping is applied in another piece of software.