Project: Coffee

This project was completed in fulfillment of requirements for my Digital Media Arts Corporate Identity class (DMA175) at Irvine Valley College.


The assignment required students to create a believable sub-brand for Maxwell House, with a focus on the high-end or eco-friendly market segments. Students were tasked with creating an identity for this sub-brand, including a logo, packaging, mockups, website advertisements, and a presentation to display all of these elements in a cohesive way.

LuxCoreRender 2.5, Blender 2.92

This scene makes use of a studio lighting setup originally created for Project: Bottle as well as leaved created for Project: Plants. Textures for the cans were created in Adobe Illustrator, with normal maps generated in CrazyBump and metalness textures created by hand. A metalness texture uses an image to define which parts of a surface are metallic, and which are glossy. This allows for the metallic embossing effect on the logo and text elements of the label.


The full presentation, including the non-rendered elements like the website advertisements, logo, and textures, can be seen below.