Project: Freedom

The intention of this project was to duplicate a shot from the film Große Freiheit Nr. 7 by Helmut Käutner.


Although the mesh created for the bottle (pictured at right) is recognizable and semi-accurate, the overall lighting and processing does not capture the mood portrayed in the film. Distinctly missing are the characteristic four-bladed lens flares. The inverse exponential bokeh distribution is duplicated, and this was discussed in more depth as part of Exploration: Stump.

LuxRender 1.3.1 & Blender 2.69

For one reason or another, this scene wound up in Blender 2.83, and was rendered with LuxCoreRender 2.5 for comparative purposes. The results show a poor handling of color, inherent in Blender 2.8 releases thus far, as well as bizarre handling of bokeh. Below are four comparitive images ordered as follows: (1) LuxRender Color (2) LuxCoreRender Color (3) LuxRender Black & White (4) LuxCoreRender Black & White.

This scene also was used as part of a larger studio scene. I modeled a Sigma SD Quattro digital camera and a tripod, as well as studio lights. The intention of this was to show a still life scene being photographed in a studio environment.


The scene is unedited from the above images, showing the drastic difference which can be created simply by changing camera angle and focal length.