Project: Fresh

The intention of this project was to create an interesting still life scene in blender, including the plants and fruits which are a staple of the genre. 


The image makes use of bloom and volumetric light scattering to give the appearance of a dusty interior. The scene is enclosed in a volume which contains billions of simulated microscopic particles which perturb light paths as they pass through, creating the hazy look.

LuxCoreRender 2.5 and Blender 2.92

At left is an image of the scene before rendering. Complex material definitions create the surface properties of each object, resulting in the varied look of the final rendered image above.


The leaves appear to be a different shape in the final rendered image due to the use of Alpha Textures. These images are used to define the transparency of a surface. This is an easy way to create the appearance of complex shapes and geometry without having to add the details to the 3D model. The leaf meshes are simple rectangles.


The scene has a number of very bright highlights on the vases and the glass in the background, as well as on the leaves and grapes. For this reason, the Filmic Log color profile was used to flatten out highlights and shadows. Then, the image was opened in Luminace HDR and the Reinhard 2002 color grading formula was applied, to restore some of the original tones. Finally, modification in Photoshop created the look of the final images. Below is a comparison of images at each step of this process.

Finally, at left is the scene rendered with LuxRender 1.6, the previous version (available here) of the LuxCoreRender 2.5 that was used to render the images above.


These comparisons appear accompanying many of my renders, including Exploration: Glasses and Project: Resort because the sensibility of each program, and the way they simulate light, is fundamentally different. So, out of curiosity, I take the time to convert the scenes by hand, remaking and modifying materials in order to create these comparisons.


In the case of this scene, the lighting is harsher overall, with greater contrast between light and shadow. In addition, the rendering of the grape material differs significantly.