Below is a collection of all the work on this site, sorted by month and year.


Simply click either the image or the underlined link below each image to visit the project page.


Each page contains more detailed information about the project, as well as explanations of concepts related to the creation of each scene.

May 2020

June 2020

July 2020

August 2020

August 2 Project: Freedom

August 12 Project: Lobby

September 2020

September 4 Project: Desk

September 6 Project: Planning

September 13 Project: Plants

September 17 Project: Hospital

October 2020

October 10 Project: Museum

October 30 Project: Quadro

December 2020

December 27 Project: Still

January 2021

Janurary 3 Project: 2021

Janurary 21 Project: Dinosaur

February 2021

February 28 Project: Studio

March 2021

March 26 Project: Resort

April 2021

April 29 Project: Fresh

May 2021