Project: Hallway

The intention of this project was to create a complex, ornate looking scene through the use of tiling, or repeating the same small unit multiple times.


The scene consists of seven repeated segments of a small section of wall on the left and right of the image, which is broken up by picture frames and chandeliers which distract from the repetition. This creates a natural appearance, complicated by the camera perspective.

LuxRender 1.6 and Blender 2.79b

Above is a comparison of the stages of post-processing used with this image. First, the image rendered for nearly twelve hours, creating the image on the far left. Second, Reinhard 2002 tonemapping was applied using Luminance HDR. Finally, some slight modifications to levels and color were made in Photoshop.


The image directly at left compares the shaded OpenGL image in the viewport, with overlaid Ambient Occlusion, to the final rendered image with all materials and textures present. The side labeled "viewport preview" shows only the geometry, the 3D models, which compose the image without their unique surface properties; these are too computationally expensive to be shown in real-time.


The image on the bottom at left is the viewport preview only. Looks bleak!


This scene was rendered for twelve hours in LuxRender 1.6 using the Bidirectional Path Tracing integrator with Metropolis Light Transport. The windows on the left side of the scene are open, while those on the right are covered. The windows on the left are covered by an exit portal to accelerate rendering.