Project: Museum

The intention of this exploration was to create a coherent scene using the original textures and meshes which I had previously created as part of Project: Plants.


New meshes and textures were utilized for this project, such as the blackboard.


The cherub on the desk, the bust of Trajan, and the gargoyle are 3D photo scans, created in a Meshroom from my own photos of a lawn ornament, a miniature, and a candle holder.

LuxRender 1.3.1, Blender 2.69, Adobe CS6

This scene makes use of a homogeneous volume to create the appearance of dust particles suspended in air. The entire visible scene is encased in a box containting billions of tiny particles, and rays are traced through this cloud. Although this comes at some performance cost, it also allows the accurate simulation of bloom, a phenomenon in which light fringes occur around brightly lit areas of an image.

Below is an image showing a condensed summary of my progress creating the scene. The helpful LuxRender watermarks show that the scene was created in approximately two and a half hours. This very short timeframe demonstrates the benefits to efficiency of creating and maintaining a library of assets for use during scene creation.