Project: Paris

The intention of this project was to expand the idea explored in Project: Hallway to include elements of an outdoor scene. In addition to an interior, the three windows in this scene look out onto a balcony as well as distant buildings.


Due to the high contrast light present in the scene, lighting and color were a major focus. A number of different variations of the scene are shown below which explore different lighting arrangements.

LuxCoreRender 2.5 and Blender 2.92

The view directly at left is created by manipulating the camera and rotating the aspect ratio. The switch from landscape to portrait orientation confines the focus of the scene, better directing viewer interest.

Below are two images of the scene in the viewport, before materials and lighting affects are computed. This shows only the three-dimensional meshes. The view on the left shows the box containing the interior portion of the scene, and the exterior.