Project: Studio

This project is an update to my Project: Paintbrush scene from July 2020. As mentioned on that page, my intention was to recreate the characteristics of a camera lens "test scene," which contains a high amount of detail meant to test the resolving power of camera lenses and sensors.


This scene includes a significantly higher number of objects, making it appear cluttered and thereby distracting the eye; there is no clear subject. In this way it is similar to an I-Spy page. There is a purple thumb tack hidden in the scene, as well as a more challenging ant.

LuxRender 1.6, Blender 2.79

This scene contains updated camera test patterns from Project: Paintbrush, now including more tests from the ISO 12233 standard test chart. I recreated each of these tests in Adobe Illustrator, then exported the vector graphics as high resolution TIFF images for use in the scene.


Some of the new and revised tests are seen at right, including an updated color wheel in the top left, a new moire circle in the top right, and a new Q-60 Color Input Target on the bottom. The test below contains fine diagonal lines to test for and reveal moire fringing and aliasing patterns.

Also updated with this scene were certain textures and objects that were included in Project: Paintbrush.


At right there is a Lorem Ipsum text test at the top left, a ISO 12233 resolution test on the top right, moire circles on varying colored backgrounds on the bottom left, and scans of United States coinage on the bottom right. Each tests and texture has a high level of detail which contributes to an overall business in the scene.


All textures included in the scene were highly optimized for size, limiting the overall memory requirements for the scene. 

Overall, this scene builds upon Project: Paintbrush by including more tests, having a higher overall level of detail, and making use of more advanced tonemapping techniques to give the scene a more appealing level of color and contrast.