Project: Water

This project was completed in fulfillment of requirements for my Digital Media Arts Corporate Identity class (DMA 175) at Irvine Valley College.


The assignment required students to create a believable brand of bottled water. Students were tasked with creating an identity for this brand, including a logo, packaging, mockups, website advertisements, and a presentation to display all of these elements in a cohesive way. 

LuxRender 1.6, Blender 2.79

This project makes use of Blender's fluid simulation features, which were greatly enhanced with the release of version 2.82 of the software to use the mantaflow framework. This allows increased resolution and realism in fluid simulations.

I created a number of different setups to showcase my bottle design, many of which involved the bottle itself moving through the fluid flow to create interesting shapes and patterns with the splashing liquid. For example, in the image at left, the bottle was moved upwards through the water surface to create splashes and an air bubble beneath it.


These images make use of LuxRender 1.6 rather than LuxCoreRender due to the need for increased precision and sharpnes, which allows for the impressive appearance of the water. The water, however, was simulated in Blender 2.92.


Below I have included the presentation with all of the completed assets. The website advertisements, logo, and mockups are all included. For the project, text was added behind the bottles in order to create a cohesive series of three advertisements. Click the image to expand it to fullscreen.

The images at left and below show the scene before rendering, displaying only the Blender viewport and the 3D mdoels I created for the scene, before materials and lighting are computed.