Blender 2.76 and LuxRender 1.6

Hallway in Portrait Orientation
      This scene makes use of the Bidirectional Path Tracing (BDPT) and Metropolis Light Transport (MLT) tenchiques provided by LuxRender 1.6. The interior contains highly specular metal, glass, and mirror materials, the rendering of which is made more complicated by the fact that all light comes from an exterior sun and sky lamp occluded by glass windows. For this reason, I used LuxRender's exit portal functionality to define each window as an "area of interest;" exit portals give the renderer a hint as to where light is likely to enter the scene, in order to increase rendering efficiency.

      Containing over 4,000,000 triangles, the image at left was rendered to 10,000 Samples Per Pixel (SPP) in LuxRender 1.6.