Blender 2.76 and LuxRender 1.6

Mansion Render in Portrait Orientation
      This scene makes use of the Bidirectional Path Tracing (BDPT) and Metropolis Light Transport (MLT) tenchiques provided by LuxRender 1.6 to resolve complex Bidirectional Path Tracing (BDPT) and point-lighting generated by the lamps affixed to the columns on the left side of the scene. The scene also makes use of a whole-scene homogeneous volume which provides absorption and scattering to simulate the effects of dense fog. This volumetric effect is extremely computationally expensive, and is seen most strongly in the bloom bloom and light shafts around each light source.

      Due to heavy use of instancing and Blender's ivy generator, this scene contains over 15 million polygons and was rendered to 10,000 samples per pixel.